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  1. The Enemy within – (Game starts as an Active Firefight and has snipers placed behind each of the enemy team lines.)

    1. The enemy within starts off with an active firefight and one or two snipers from each team behind each of the enemy lines. There are two flags placed between each team in the middle of the active firefight. The goal is for either team to secure their own flag and take it back to their team base tent. First team back to their base tent with their own flag wins. The flag however is placed back to zero where it started if the player carrying the flag gets hit. The snipers are in place behind the lines to takeout the flag bearer.

    2. The goal - Get your team flag back to your respawn base tent without getting hit.

    3. Needs– two referees, one for each flag to bring the flag back to zero if hit.

    4. This is a fun fast paced game from the start, with players always looking over their backs for snipers. There are many different strategic moves possible in this game.


  1. Medic! – (Each team has one or two medics for respawn.)

    1. Medic starts with both teams at their respawn bases. This game has no respawn point, the medic is the mobile respawn point. Each player that is hit is to sit down in place and wait for the team medic to respawn the player. The injured or hit player can speak only one word – “MEDIC”. The medic must touch with his or her hand the team player that has been hit or place a zip tie on the team mate to get them back into the game (there are two types of games, touch or limited zip tie.) The medics have three or four balloons attached to their shoulders and back. The balloons are the medic’s lives and when the balloons are all gone then the medic is like everyone else, one shot, but they cannot be revived. The game is then played to the last player standing. The team that has there medic taken out early is at a severe disadvantage.

    2. The goal - Be the last team standing.

    3. Needs – One or two medics from each team, with balloons.

    4. This game is fun and requires strategy by all players. Players must try not to get separated from the team and not to get out into the open where the medic can’t get to them. The medic must be fast, willing to get hit and quick on their feet.


  1. Capture the Flag – (Each team has their flag in their base area of operations, each team is to try and capture the other team’s flag.)

    1. Capture the flag starts with each team having their flag placed at a point in each team’s base area of operations, this is designated by the US Airsoft official. The Camo team will be trying to capture the Solid team’s (solid) flag and bring it back to the camo respawn base tent, and the Solid team will be trying to capture the Camo flag and it bring back to their solid base tent. If a player is hit while carrying the flag, the flag is dropped where the player was hit and can be picked up by fellow team mates. First team to complete the mission of bringing the other team’s flag back to the base tent wins. Teams cannot pickup or move their own flags.

    2. The goal - Capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your base tent for the win.

    3. Needs Each team flag placed at the front edge of operations for each team.


  1. Battle Buddy – (Each team starts with all players placed into pairs, the teams are assigned a general location to take and hold for the duration of the game.)

    1. Battle Buddy starts with each team placed into pairs and starts from each of the team’s base tents. This a capture and stand your ground game. An area of importance is given to the teams, it is required that the teams take and hold the area of importance.  While the game is playing, each player must stay within physical contact of their battle buddy (6 feet max). If a battle buddy gets hit the battle buddy can only be moved by contact from the other buddy. The injured or hit buddy cannot shoot or make any combat moves, they can only move along with the other buddy, they become dead weight.  If the uninjured player wants to move positions then the uninjured player must place a hand on the injured player and move them along as to simulate a real injured combat move. The injured player can only respawn with the help of the uninjured buddy. To respawn, the uninjured player must guide the injured buddy back to the team respawn tent using full contact with a hand on the shoulder. If the two buddies are both hit before reaching the respawn team tent, they are out, and must sit down in the area they were hit and wait for the end of the game.

    2. The goal - Take and hold the area of importance until the clock runs out, be the team controlling the area of importance when the clock runs out or eliminate the other team. Games like this can be 30 to 60 minutes.

    3. Needs – Give the general location, or area of importance (example – radio building). Set players up into two player teams (battle buddies)

    4. This game teaches both teamwork and strategy.


  1. Downed Pilot – (A team must locate and retrieve a downed pilot and bring the pilot back to the landing zone)

    1. Downed pilot starts with one team being designated as the special operations rescue team and is placed into a simulated air drop at a designated LZ (Landing Zone). The team must find and reach the downed pilot then retrieve the pilot and return back to the LZ in an allotted amount of time of 30 minutes. The other team (the insurgents) must stop the rescue of the downed pilot by running out the time or capturing the pilot by bringing the pilot back to the interrogation room in the Sherriff facility to be held for 5 minutes.

    2. The goal - Find, rescue and return back to the LZ with the downed pilot in the time given. The other team is to stop this from happening in the time allotted or capture the pilot and bring the pilot back to the interrogation room, and interrogate for 5 minutes.

    3. Needs– LZ area, downed pilot, and pilot location. Intel on LZ at team tent only.


  1. Wolf– (One player on each team is designated as a double agent with the identity unknown to the other players.)

    1. Wolf is an elimination style game with no respawn, when your hit you’re down for the duration of the game. One wolf player shall be designated from each team by the operations sergeant. The Wolf identity is kept secret from the team they start with. The Wolf is a double agent that starts on the opposing team. The Wolf must pretend to be part of said team until activated into action by their real team leader from the opposing side or by a predetermined signal. At the team briefing in each of the two team operations tents, the teams will be told the identity of the wolf player on their team playing for the other side as the double agent. This is done so they don’t shoot the Wolf on their side. They will also identify the time or signal to activate the wolf player into action for their side.

    2. The Goal – Eliminate the other team, be the team with the last players standing and to use the double agent Wolf effectively.

    3. Needs– A wolf team member for each team, the signal or time to activate the wolf.


  1. Diplomat – (Each team has a diplomat that is like a juggernaut and must be eliminated by the other team)

    1. Diplomat is a VIP protection type game that uses a juggernaut on each team as the diplomat. The juggernaut or diplomat has three or four lives that are represented by balloons attached to the diplomat. Three balloons = three lives, four balloons = four lives and when all the balloons are popped the diplomat is eliminated. There is a diplomatic pouch hidden and it must be located by each team and taken to a predetermined location. The diplomatic pouch can only be moved and opened by the diplomat, the diplomat must have the pouch and be in the predetermined location to start the clock for the win. When the time expires if the diplomat has the diplomatic pouch and is in the predetermined location for the five (5) minutes, that team wins. Teams can take and retake the pouch, as long as the diplomat is the only player moving the pouch. The clock restarts each time it is taken or secured in the predetermined location by the diplomat. The only person that can move the pouch is the diplomat. The other way to win is to eliminate the diplomat, first team to eliminate the other team’s diplomat juggernaut by popping all the other teams’ diplomat balloons, wins.

    2. The Goal– Find and secure the diplomatic pouch to the secured location for five (5) minutes or eliminate the other team’s diplomat by popping all the balloons.

    3. Needs– Two diplomats, one on each team, with balloons. A predetermined location to take the diplomatic pouch, and one diplomatic pouch. Intel on the pouch location.


  1. Interrogation– (There is a high valued target that need to be moved to the interrogation room and be interrogated)

    1. Interrogation is a game where one team has to bring their prisoner (The high valued target) to the Sherriff facility interrogation room for interrogation. Once in the interrogation room the team need to interrogate the prisoner for at least five (5) minutes to extract all the Intel. The time limit for getting the prisoner to the interrogation room and extracting all the Intel is thirty (30) minutes. The other team has to prevent this from happening and has to wait out the clock for thirty minutes. If the prisoner has not been interrogated in the time limit allotted, then the interrogation team loses.

    2. The Goal– Interrogate the high valued target within the time limit and the other team is to stop the interrogation from happening for thirty (30) minutes.

    3. Needs – A referee acts as the high values target.


  1. VIP Rescue – (In this game a team must protect and rescue a Very Important Person (VIP)

    1. VIP Rescue starts with a special operations team of two out in no –man’s land protecting a VIP. The team is held up in the radio station and need to have the VIP extracted by helicopter. The extraction will not take place until precisely thirty (30) minutes from the start of the game and the extraction point is in front of the police facility, a placed marked with an X. Once the time limit gets close to thirty minutes the extraction team needs to get the VIP to the extraction point in front of the police facility marked with an X. The VIP has three lives that are represented by balloons attached to the back and shoulders. The opposing team is the insurgents and can win by popping all the balloons that the VIP has representing life. The insurgents start off with five (5) highly trained assassins surrounding the radio station. The special operations team needs to have the VIP alive and at the extraction point X when the clock runs out to win. The special operations team can move the VIP anywhere they feel is safe, as long as the VIP is at the extraction point X when the thirty (30) minute time runs out.

    2. Goals– The special operation team needs to get the VIP to the extraction point X as the thirty (30) minute clock runs out, (helicoptered to safety). The insurgent’s team needs to eliminate the VIP by popping all the balloons that the VIP has attached for lives before the VIP gets to the extraction point as the time runs out.

    3. Needs– Operations Team needs – two (2) elite special operation team members, one (1) VIP with three balloons attached. Insurgent’s needs five assassins surrounding the radio station and positioned back off the station by the referees.


  1. Operation Airstrike – (Your team needs to find parts for a radio and assemble it to call in an airstrike)

    1. Operation Airstrike starts with an Intel brief at each individual team tent giving key Intel on the locations of radio parts to the selected special operations team. A special operations team has been tasked with finding radio parts, putting the parts together and calling in an airstrike on a specific coordinate listed in a secret code book. The special operations team must find all five radio parts and assemble them at the radio station. After the radio has been assembled the special operation team must call in an airstrike using the coordinates found in the code book. If the special operation team can complete the task of calling in an air strike within thirty (30) minutes they win. The insurgent team is tasked with stopping the airstrike. If the insurgents can stop the airstrike from being called in within the thirty (30) minute time frame the insurgents win. The Radio parts and code cannot be moved by the insurgents, only the special operations team can move them.

    2. The Goals – Special operations team needs to assemble a radio in the radio station, get the code book and call in an airstrike all within thirty (30) minutes. Insurgents need to stop the airstrike by keeping the special operations team from completing the radio, and finding the code book, calling in the airstrike, in the time allotted. If the thirty minutes runs out with no airstrike called in the insurgents win.

    3. Needs– Five piece radio (Box, Battery, Tray, Radio Mic., Antenna) and code book.

  1. Demolition – (One team, the special operations team with their demolition specialist must disarm a nuclear bomb)

    1. Demolition is a game that has a nuclear bomb that needs to be disarmed by a special operations team in a given time limit (30 minutes). The bomb has several colored wires that have to be cut in an exact sequence for it to be made safe. The sequence for cutting the wires is in a green bomb schematic book located somewhere in the arena and must be found by the special operations team. If any wire is cut out of sequence or the time elapses then the bomb goes off and the special operations team loses. The only person that can cut the wires and disarm the bomb is the demolition specialist. The demolition specialist will be determined at the start of the game. The other team the insurgents wants the bomb to go off and will do what it takes to keep the special operations team from completing their mission. If the time elapses before the bomb can be disarmed or the wires are cut in the wrong order then the bomb detonates and the insurgents win. The bomb may or may not be hidden. If the bomb is hidden it will be in close proximity to the special operations foreword positions. If the bomb is not hidden then it will be in a general known location with a couple of insurgents guarding the bomb. The bomb and green schematic book cannot be moved by the insurgent’s team, it can only be guarded.

    2. The Goal – The special operations team must find and disarm the nuclear bomb using the demolition specialist in the time allotted, thirty (30) minutes. The insurgents need to keep the special operations team from completing their mission of disarming the bomb in the time allotted, or create so much pressure that the demolition expert cuts the wires incorrectly.

    3. Needs – The black nuke bomb with colored wires attached. The bomb schematic book for deactivating the bomb.

  1. Level 4 Biohazard – (There has been a biohazard level 4 device hidden in the city (The HIVE) and is set to blow up, dispersing bio hazardous materials across the city (The HIVE)

    1. The game starts with a Biohazard special operations team searching for a biohazard level 4 detonating device that is set to go off in thirty (30) minutes. The Biohazard device can only be moved very carefully. The device is set to go off with just the slightest movement. The Biohazard special operations team must remove the device from the city (The HIVE) to the center of no-man’s land and attempt to deactivate the device. A special biohazard technician has been selected to disarm the device, only that person has any chance at all of disarming the device. The insurgents will try anything to get the device to go off or try and keep the bio hazard team from completing their mission. The insurgents know the clock is ticking and need to just wait out the time.

    2. The Goals – The biohazard special operations team must find and move to a safe location (No-man’s land) the biohazard materials, and then deactivate it, all within thirty (30) minutes. The insurgents must stop them.

    3. Needs – The biohazard box, no-man’s location.


  1. Team Death Match – (Hits are counted as deaths and are calculated as points for the other team)

    1. Team Death Match is a score type game using the points that are gathered at the respawn tents. As players get hit and respawn the other team gets points for the hits using the US Airsoft BIO readers. First team to 100 wins. Additional points can be gotten for the capture of the other team’s flag. If a team can capture and bring back to their respawn tent the other teams flag, an additional 5 points is given for each capture. The flag will be brought back to the center of the arena (zero) by the referee MPs after the capture. Multiply captures can be made, for additional points.

    2. This game is similar to other type of sports that have points as the objective.

    3. The Goal – Gather as many points with hits or the capture of the fag as possible.

    4. Needs – Two flags, one referee at each respawn tent scanning in nonmember players.

  1. Operation Reinforce – (Ring the Church bell for reinforcements)

    1. Operation Reinforcement starts with a team at Bravo base tent and a team at Charlie base tent in the HIVE. The team at Charlie base tent is tasked with the protection of the church. Bravo base tent needs to reach the church and ring the church bell for reinforcements. If Charlie base can ring the bell then they get their reinforcements and win the game. If Charlie base can keep Bravo from ringing the church bell after 30 minute allotment then Charlie base wins.  

    2. The Goal – Defend the bell, the other team must ring the bell.

    3. Needs – none

  1. Nuclear plant shutdown – (Nuclear power station has gone critical)

    1. Nuclear plant shutdown starts with a nuclear power station that has gone critical. The insurgents have rigged the nuclear power station to go critical in less than 30 minutes, causing a nuclear explosion. A special operations team has been put together and brought into stabilize the nuclear power plant by doing a controlled shutdown. The shutdown is done by moving the electrical panel breakers into predetermined positions.  The only way to know what the positions are for the electrical panel is to locate and secure the green nuclear power plant shutdown book, located somewhere in the city (the HIVE). The special operations team must use the green nuclear shutdown book to arrange the electrical panel circuit breakers in order to do a controlled shutdown.  Not following the green nuclear power plant shutdown book could result in a nuclear detonation. If the special operations team can do a controlled shutdown in under 30 minutes they have saved the city and win the game. The insurgent’s team will try and stop the special operations team from doing the shutdown. If the insurgents can hold the special operations from setting the electrical panel to the shutdown mode in the 30 minutes required, then the nuclear power plant will go critical and the insurgents win.

    2. This is a very fast paced game with lots of CQB.

    3. The Goal – A special operation team must manage a controlled nuclear power plant shutdown with the electrical panel circuit breakers within thirty (30) minutes. Use the power plant shut down book for the correct shutdown procedures. The insurgents must stop them and allow the time to expire, setting off a nuclear explosion. The insurgents may also win by placing so much pressure on the special operations team as to make mistakes and incorrectly switch the power plant electrical control panel switches.

    4. Needs – Nuclear power plant shut down book. One designated referee to oversee the shutdown.

  1. Broken Arrow – (A special force team has to defend a LZ (Landing Zone) area, against overwhelming odds, surrounding them. They must do this for 20 minutes and be in control of the LZ when the time expires.

    1. Broken Arrow starts with the simulated airdrop of a Special Forces team. The team must hold a given spot against overwhelming odds and being surrounded. The only advantage is the special operations team has is the ability to use full auto and the opposing force the insurgents can only use semi auto. The special force team is typically picked from the top ranked players on the US Airsoft leader board. The special force team will have a force of approximately 10% of the opposing insurgents. The insurgents will start from two locations on opposite sides from the special force team (surrounding the team).

    2. The Goal – The special force team must be in control of the LZ identified area when the twenty minutes expires and they win. The insurgents must be in control of the given LZ area when the time expires, and they win.

    3. Needs – Top leaderboard players for the special operations team. Number of special operations team = 10% of the total players of the day.